Planned Campaigns

Co-flights with HyPlant (PI, Uwe Rasher) in Duke Forest and Parker Tract, NC (September 2013)

Emerald Ash Borer and NASA/USDA forest health study, upstate NY (June 2014)

Tanana Valley, AK (July 2014)

Past Campaigns

Glouster Point, VA (July 2011; Mar 2012; May 2012)

Parker Track (loblolly pine plantation and Ameriflux site), near Plymouth, NC (July 2011)

NCSU Agricultural Research Plots, NC (July 2011)

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), near Edgewater, MD (Oct 2011; Mar 2012; June 2012)

State Forests (pre- and post-harvest), Eastern Shore, MD (Oct 2011; May-June 2012)

NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF), VA (Sept 2011)

Chequamegon-Nicolett National Forest (WLEF and Willow Creek Ameriflux sites), near Park Falls, WI (June 2012)

Harvard Forest, near Petersham, MA (June 2012)

Howland Forest, near Howland, ME (June 2012)

Penobscot Experimental Forest (USDA-FS, UME), near Bradley and Eddington, ME (June 2012)

Holt Research Forest (UME), near  (Jun 2012)

Bowie, MD (June 2012)

ICESat underflights in forests throughout CONUS (Aug-Sept 2011; Aug-Sept 2012)

Landsat 7/LDCM underflight during LDCM commisioning, US (March 2013):

     - H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, OR

     - Teakettle Experimental Forest, CA

     - Red Lake, McLaws, and Ivanpah playas, AZ

     - Gus Pearson Natural Area, AZ

     - Long Valley Experimental Forest, AZ

Central Valley Vineyards, CA (March 2013)

IceSAT underflights in forests throughout Mexico (April/May 2013)